Why was RAMH formed?

Growing up in Washington D.C., I had friends who hailed from every corner of the world. I envied their international experiences and was determined to become a globetrotter too. Over the years, I have been privileged to visit and live in over a dozen countries. For four years I lived in Cambodia, working with a Christian NGO that served among the poor. I gave birth to my second child in Malaysia. Years later, I enrolled my children in public school in Beijing. Throughout my inter-continental journeys, I experienced both the joys and challenges of being an outsider in a foreign land. I loved acquiring new languages, assimilating to new cultures, and feasting on new cuisine. However, I also struggled with adjustment issues – cultural shock, loneliness, and boredom; with mental health issues – post-partum depression, anxiety, and vicarious trauma; and with relational issues – misunderstandings with locals and colleagues, marital strain, and difficulties parenting my two young children.

As I developed relationships with other foreigners, I heard similar struggles recounted time and again. I saw the vital need for my peers, who live and work internationally, to have access to quality mental health support. That is why I founded Remote Access Mental Health. My vision is to see globally mobile people thrive no matter where they choose to live or are stationed. My mission is to provide support for this unique population, who might otherwise lack access, with on-line professional mental health counseling.