I have a unique combination of experience and training that enables me to provide mental health counseling for the globally mobile. I have worked and raised a family in several countries, served as a social worker for those in a variety of crisis situations, and have extensive experience providing evidenced-based mental health therapy for children, adults, couples and families.

After college, I spent years engaged in anti-violence work in Boston, MA with a focus on human-trafficking awareness and domestic violence advocacy. I later served as the shelter manager for a domestic violence shelter. My work in domestic violence led to opportunities in community organizing for anti-violence work within faith-based communities as well as the city of Boston at large.

In 2004, I moved to Cambodia with my husband and three-month old son. We spent two years living among and learning from the urban poor in Phnom Penh. We then moved to the sleepy provincial capital of Kampong Cham where we lived for another two years. There, my family worked with Khmer staff to mobilize and train hundreds of volunteers from local churches to serve their community through home-based care for HIV AIDS patients, and to develop domestic violence curriculum, as well as conflict resolution and peace building skills.

After years abroad, I relocated to Seattle to earn a Masters in Social work degree, focusing on trauma intervention and therapy.

While at the University of Washington, I was employed as a Social Worker for Unaccompanied Refugee Minors, working with highly traumatized individuals from various conflict ridden regions. Since graduation, I have been engaged in clinical social work, serving as a community based mental health therapist in Seattle, WA.

My passion lies in seeing traumatized communities build resilience and supporting those in the field who are involved in that vital work.